Roundtable 2

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Thursday 13th May 2021 – 10:30

Roundtable 2

Moderated by: Airsweb – Part of Eco Online

Topic: Does Social Safety have a role in driving positive EHS Behaviour Post Pandemic!


It’s been a very different time over the last 14 months, but we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

But whilst there are now new discussions around having a Covid Passport, how can social safety help influence companies and individuals who are starting to return to work, or even open their doors to customers to engage positive health and safety behaviour?


The more we see people doing the right thing – the more we follow, so what accessible tools or frameworks do we need to consider reigniting our teams to get back into the workforce!

Key takeaways: 

  • One approach does not suit everyone. Variety is required.

  • Open communication and closing incident reporting loops is vital to feel valued and engaged in the process

Improve Safety, Reduce Incidents, Save Lives