This year’s Health, Safety & Environmental Congress will bring together some of Europe’s leading HSE Professionals to showcase and discuss some of the key challenges across multiple industries in Europe. The highly engaging program across two days will piece together topics around Safety Culture, Behavioural Safety, Digital Transformation, Risk Management & Operational Effectiveness, Future Technologies and much more. Stricter regulations and the focus on reducing the number of incidents means HSE professionals need to continue to educate, thought-lead and keep up with the pace of change within their industry. The HSE congress will provide a content-based platform of Keynotes, Panels, Workshops and Roundtables, all built into two exciting days in the luxurious and breath-taking surroundings of The Hilton Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Network with like-minded professionals to support your current strategic objectives. Attendance will give you the chance to learn how best to implement, build and buy the right solutions and technologies that are at the forefront of HSE improvement in Europe.



Workshop 1: 

Managing Employees Under Pressure 

Workshop 2: 

Health and Wellbeing | Mental Health in the Workplace

Workshop 3: 

Controlling Human Performance

Workshop 4: 

The Road of Sustainability – Where Does It Lead?

Workshop 5: 

Safety Differently | Changing The Way We Define Safety 

Workshop 6: 

Building Resilient Safety Cultures

Workshop 7: 

Digital Transformation – From Strategy to Execution

Workshop 8: 

Is Operating At Zero Harm To The Environment Plausible and Realistic?

Partner Sessions

Topic: Organisational Drift – Human Error or Custom and Practice?”

Topic: Innovative Technology for Improved EHS Performance


Roundtable 1: Driver Safety

No matter the size of the organisation – let’s talk road safety and drive you to lower risk and accident prevention. 

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More than a quarter of road traffic accidents involve a “working” vehicle. Are your drivers competent? Are you ensuring the correct procedures and training are in place? Are you up to speed with new innovative technology that could save your driver’s lives? This discussion will be the engine for your education on Driver Safety.

Roundtable 2: VR/AR

Virtual or Augmentative reality in health and safety is now! We have a vision to reduce incidents and save lives through technological advancements.

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Do you have the desire to practice real-life scenarios without the cost or the physical risk in order to further knowledge and reduce incidents? Well, that has become a visual reality with VR/AR providing health and safety professionals the opportunity to replicate real-life situations improving worker subconscious actions. 

Roundtable 3: Fall Protection

Did you know that 41% of serious/fatal injuries in the workplace (April to April) were falls from heights? It can’t be taken lightly. 

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Worrying statistic right? What is your organisation doing to prevent this type of accident? This is a discussion to help decipher where you could be going wrong internally, the technology that you’re missing out on but most importantly how you can save workers who operate at a dangerous height.

Roundtable 4: PPE

Regulation changes force Personal Protective Equipment to be at the forefront of all HSE professionals minds. 

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With an increase in fines and in some cases prison sentences, we have limited time to implement new correct PPE with the right certification within our organisations. These regulation changes along with advancements in materials/technology brings realisation there is no better time to discuss Personal Protective Equipment than now!

Rountable 5: IoT

How can the progression and development of the Internet of Things have a significant impact on health and safety as an industry?

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We are all on the same wavelength when it comes to what we are trying to achieve – and that’s to save lives, the IoT based applicants are primed and ready to offer safe, reliable and efficient solutions in support us as a whole. The IoT connects a whole world of opportunity and safety managers are discovering that comprehensive safety programs that include the capabilities of the Industrial Internet of Things are seeing significant gains in a number of areas.

Roundtable 6: Analytics

Advancements in data management and analytic software has changed the way we view health and safety. 

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You’ve invested heavily in equipment, procedures, and training programs for workplace safety. You closely monitor compliance. But when incidents are relatively rare, how do you evaluate the effectiveness of your current safety programs? How do you identify other steps you can take to help predict and prevent incidents? The answer is Predictive Safety Analytics: taking the data sets you already have to see things you couldn’t see before.

Roundtable 7: Compliance and Risk

How do we know we are 100% compliant? Do we challenge ourselves to know if we are compliant? – more importantly do you know the risks around not being compliant? 

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This interactive discussion will be around how you can understand your business challenges in competing with “occupational compliance”. Do you fully understand some of the latest legislation’s and the risk behind not knowing or even ignoring them? – believe us, that still happens!

Roundtable 8: Employee Engagement

How can we strengthen our safety culture through employee engagement? 

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Safety culture affects your entire organisation – from the shop floor to upper management. Each person plays an important role in building a culture that values communication, innovation, this discussion will explore ways to build a stronger safety culture by empowering your workforce.

· How to Measure & Benchmark Your Safety Culture

· Improving Your Culture Through Observation and Communication

· Actionable Personal Risk Awareness

· How to Make Safety Training More Engaging

· Empowering Employees through Effective Communication

Roundtable 9:


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Roundtable 10:




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Roundtable 11:

The Hidden Cost of Substance Misuse in the Workplace….can you afford to ignore it?

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It’s been reported that up to 3 million workers in the UK (3% of the total UK workforce) go to work under the influence of substances annually.

In 2018 UKAT (UK Addiction Treatment) revealed statistics showing 40% of industrial accidents are inked to substance misuse with an escalated cost to employers of a combined value of £36bn a year.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) mandates that all employers have a legal duty to protect employees health, safety and welfare,  This extends out to ‘understanding signs of drug and alcohol misuse will help you to manage health and safety risks in your workplace, develop a policy to deal with drug and alcohol-related problems and support your employees’.

Join our Eurofins Workplace Drug Testing team as we lead a round table discussion looking at statistics, signs, and symptoms of drugs misuse and approaches to implement effective policies.

Roundtable 12:

Where Technology meets Risk –  Digitalization of Risk Management.

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2019 is poised to be one of the most significant years for risk management. The pace of technological change is accelerating. Risk management must become fully digitalized to keep pace with technology-driven performance improvement. This is significantly changing the way companies manage risk.

Damstra Technology are a global leader in providing companies with time-saving and effective solutions to manage, keep track of and protect workers and ensure a safe and compliant workforce. Damstra’s solution delivers an integrated, digital platform for Workforce Management, Asset Management, Access Control, Learning Management and HSE Risk Management.


Join us to find out more about how technology is driving the digitalization of risk management.

Dinner Keynote

Sidney Dekker


Founder of the Safety Science Innovation Lab

Honorary Professor of Psychology

Speakers Include:

Marie-Louise CHANDLER
Head of OHSW

Claus ROSE

Vice President EHS Renewable

Brian LONG

Senior Vice President Safety & Sustainability
Program Manager Sustainability


HSE Head

Lamberto NONNO

Global HSE Leader

Advisory Council

Ralf Franke

HSE Head

Marie-Louise Chandler

Head of OHSW

Brian Long

Senior Vice President Safety & Sustainability

Lamberto Nonno

Global HSE Leader

Claus Rose

VP EHS Renewable

Caroline Amblard

General Manager HSE

Opening Panel Discussion: 

Moderated by Anna Keen – Acre Frameworks

Moderated by:

Anna Keen

Vice President EHS Renewable

Tim Eldridge

Global Head of Health & Safety

Peter McLellan

Global Director of EHS

Caroline Amblard

General Manager HSE
Andresa Hernandes
Head of International Occupational Safety

Venue Information

The Hilton Rotterdam,
Weena 10, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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